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Property Management



In 1983, a small firm opened on Hilton Head to market vacation rentals for properties being developed in Shelter Cove and Palmetto Dunes by Greenwood Development.  Initially, Trident Villa Rentals found its niche among discerning resort island homeowners who wished to rent their properties during the peak season. From that quiet beginning sprang a full service rental company that now offers both long and short term rentals.

Unlike other rental firms, Trident exclusively works with properties in Palmetto Dunes and Shelter Cove, thus providing a client base and knowledge as unique as the properties we represent.


Many individuals and families have come to know and love our natural, thoughtful and personal approach to service. Many of our guests who initially came to us seeking vacation rentals, now reside on Hilton Head or found a vacation property to meet their dreams. Our family-owned business is comprised of local residents who know and love Hilton Head.

We are the only on-site independent rental agency located in Palmetto Dunes. We have no connection or allegiance to any sales agency, developer or builder. Our focus is strictly rental management, which is one of the keys to our long term success.

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